Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) Gameplay Video!

Hey everybody. So this surfaced a while ago and I can’t believe we missed it, but featured a video showing off some of the gameplay from Kingdom Hearts X (Chi)! The game is open world and features a unique card-based battle system used when fighting the Heartless that randomly appear as you play. There appear to be Missions to complete as well, similar to the Mark System in Final Fantasy XII.

The video shows off gameplay from Agrabah and Wonderland, as well as what appears to be Radiant Garden, which acts as a sort of central lobby for the game. Avatars are completely customizable, and you can unlock new clothing, accessories, hair styles, skin colors, and more as you play (similar to the Avatar Menu in Re:Coded).

While the game still has no official plans to ever be released outside of Japan, it’s still pretty cool to see the game in action. You can check out the video below:

Watch live video from theerryk on TwitchTV