New Kingdom Hearts Instagram Feed Webapp from DI Labs

After scouring Github for a couple hours I managed to bump into this amazing Instagram search. It is completely free and open source. So I figured it would be fun to customize the script and build a small webpage featuring popular images off Instagram.

You can see this live on our labs demo page. Also you may click on the screenshot below which will open up the same window. It is a small app which queries the latest photos tagged with #kingdomhearts. This allows for a very quick and versatile UI. Clicking the bigger thumbnail will open up a full-size view of the image. Or alternatively clicking on the user’s profile avatar will open the regular Instagram photo page.

It is also possible to load multiple pages of results by clicking the ‘View More’ button. If you are bored or have some free time give it a shot!

Instahearts DI Labs Instagram Search

I do want to give credit to Omar Sahyoun for his awesome code base. The mini Instagram Search webapp allows users to quickly pull the latest photos and check out what people think of Kingdom Hearts in real time! We hope you like this cool mini web application, courtesy of Destiny Islands Labs.