New Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts and Formation Arts

Recently there has been a lot of news coming from the New York Toy Fair 2013 expo. Many updates have been posted to their official Twitter account @ToyFairNY. But some of these Kingdom Hearts 3DS Play Arts/Formation Arts have not been featured.

Luckily some fans at the expo grabbed some photographs of the new models. KH Insider published an article featuring all the shots and we figured it might be a good idea to mirror them on our server, too. Can never have too much data redundancy!

Anywho the arts feature both regular versions of Riku and Sora, plus their Tron Legacy suits. Each figure has exchangeable keyblades which is a really nice touch. There are also lots of formation arts in the background. There may be other photos of these online, but the majority from this set are captured off Hidemi Matsuzuka’a Facebook. The rest can be found in this Toyark photo gallery updated with lots of other photos from the NY Toy Fair.

Sora action figure NY Toy expo

closeup photo 2013 Toy Expo KH3DS

Kingdom Hearts 3DS Riku toy figure

closeup photograph riku kh3d formation arts

sora tron outfit formation arts

riku thumbnail photograph tron outfit kh3d

kingdom hearts 3ds play arts figurines 2013

play arts and action figures kingdomhearts

closeup keyblades toys formation arts kh3d

KH BBS Dream Drop Distance Keyblades figures