Happy New Year from DI!

Hey there everybody! Welcome to 2013! We here at Destiny Islands are pumped for the new year, and are excited to be bringing you all kinds of new content in the months to come. We’ve been hard at work on new pages, new features, and so much more.

Here are some of the things you can expect in 2013:

  • New Playthrough, Cutscene, and Screenshot Galleries with stunning new HD images and video!
  • New content pages for all of the topics we haven’t covered yet!
  • Completed walkthroughs of all of the games to date!
  • A brand new section in the Games category in our Side Navigation dedicated to Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX!
  • A new Media category in our Side Navigation, featuring soundtracks, artwork, wallpapers, avatars, cutscenes, screenshots, playthroughs, manga scans, and anything else we can think of!
  • And of course, the top-notch Kingdom Hearts news and coverage you’ve come to expect from Destiny Islands!

So here’s to the new year and all of the gifts it may bring. We’ll be cranking out new content as fast as we can, so stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Happy New Year!

– Destiny Islands Staff