Final Fantasy Versus XIII : Ain’t No Gettin’ Off This Train

As 2013 starts off, I plan to follow every lead I can find on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and report it.

Barret Wallace said, “There’s no gettin’ off this train we on ’til we reach the end of the line!” This rings true for Versus XIII. From the start of this project back in 2006 until now, news has been slow to start. However, the news is still there! I have never seen so many rumors about this game, but with the slow drip on updates, rumors are expected. The most frightening rumor is that the project has been canceled. To add insult to injury, response to this rumor has been mostly quiet throughout 2012. This left most fans discouraged.

Mid-late 2012 though, Yoichi Wada, project manager of Versus, came to the game’s defense, stating “I cannot say any more than, ‘We are making Versus!’ Please wait a little longer.”

Though the popular Jump Festa has ruled out anything on Versus for 2013, a concept art of Noctis, main protagonist of Versus, was released in late 2012. It reads, “Please let him wait his turn!”

Though information is still shrouded in mystery, I believe we should all hang on and feel refreshed. Though we only have limited resources to pull from, we can rest assured that this train is still movin’!

I’ll be following every possible lead throughout 2013 and keeping you all posted.