FFX HD Confirmed to Include FFX-2!

With the recent release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX in Japan, there has been a lull in Kingdom Hearts news lately. However, Square-Enix has still be busy at work on other titles, including the vaguely-announced Final Fantasy X HD Collection. The game was confirmed by Square-Enix at last year’s E3, and was originally slotted for a release by the end of 2012. Due to other projects Square-Enix was working on, as well as time constraints, the game still has not been released.

Various teaser videos have surfaced over the months, showing off some of the newly-remastered graphics and PS Vita capabilities. News has been scarce, but not completely impossible to find.

Now however, we have some new insight into the game, still fully in production. According to a small article in Jump Magazine, the game collection is set to release both on the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita. Apparently, the collection is also going to include its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, on the same disc for Playstation 3 and on a separate disc for PS Vita. Both games are also said to include content from their International versions, and a tentative release date of 2013 has been announced.

You can check out the image from Jump Magazine below, and you can also read more about the Final Fantasy X HD Collection here.

Final Fantasy X HD featured in a Japanese Magazine