Early Copy of KH HD Leaked – Photos, Screenshots, & PSN Trophy Lists!

Though Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX isn’t released in Japan until this Thursday, March 14th, someone obtained an early copy of the game and graciously uploaded their own pictures.

The photos cover the game disc, as well as several screenshots of gameplay from both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and 358/2 Days.

You can check them out below (click to enlarge):

khhd-inside-game-case khhd-main-game-menu
khhd-gameplay-footage-sora-dive-to-the-heart khhd-gameplay-footage-exp-zero khhd-gameplay-footage-settings-menu
khhd-days-intro-axel khhd-days-intro-demyx khhd-days-intro-roxas

They also uploaded photos of the Playstation Network trophies that will be available for the Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix portion of the game, as well as a few from the 358/2 Days portion.

You can check those out below as well (click to enlarge):

khhd-trophies1 khhd-trophies2 khhd-trophies3 khhd-trophies4 khhd-trophies5

And finally, thanks to our friends over at KH13.com, we have a translated list of all of the trophies featured in the images above. Keep in mind that these are only the trophies listed in the photos, meaning there could very well be more. You can check out the list below:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

[Bronze] The Start of an Adventure
[Bronze] Alice in Wonderland
[Bronze] Go the Distance
[Bronze] You’ll Be in My Heart
[Bronze] Whole New World (Agrabah’s Keyhole room)
[Bronze] When You Wish Upon a Star
[Bronze] Part of Your World
[Bronze] This is Halloween
[Bronze] You Can Fly
[Hidden Trophy]
[Bronze] Beginner Synthesiser
[Bronze] Intermediate Synthesiser
[Bronze] Advanced Synthesiser
[Bronze] Gummi Ship Collector
[Hidden Trophy]
[Bronze] Customizer
[Bronze] Top Ace
[Bronze] Test Pilot
[Bronze] Top Pilot
[Bronze] Ace Pilot (You have cleared Gummi Ship Mission 3)
[Hidden Trophy]
[Bronze] Blade Master
[Bronze] Magic Master
[Bronze] Guard Master
[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]
[Bronze] Game Clear: Beginner Mode
[Silver] Unchanging Gamer (Clear the game without changing the ??? once)
[Silver] Undefeated
[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]

358/2 Days

[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]
[Hidden Trophy]
[Bronze] ??? (You have cleared chapters 1-37)
[Bronze] Those Days of Gazing into the Heart
[Bronze] The Place that the Heart Managed to Reach