DI Summer Contest Leaderboards

We got some requests for us to post the weekly standings in our Summer Contest.

You can use this article to track how you stack up against other contestants.

Check back every week to see how you’re doing.



Contestant Name

Points Earned

1st Place Alessia Lo Curto (Facebook) 118
2nd Place Anthony Czarnik (Facebook) 117
3rd Place @coile7 (Twitter) 112
Runners Up Brian Tierney (Destiny Islands) 105
@ProdigalNick (Twitter) 102
@beshyr (Twitter) 98
Ellen Barken Shrimp (Destiny Islands) 91
@Snake101010 (Twitter) 49
@JosephIsCoolEst (Twitter) 41
Miranto Fitahina Ramanoarisoa (Facebook) 39
Ariel (Destiny Islands) 33
Leonard Williams (Facebook) 33
Kent Anderson (Facebook) 29
@SacredPaopu (Twitter) 25
Will Mehan (Facebook) 18
Guest (Destiny Islands) 16
Brandon Alvarado (Destiny Islands) 16
kam (Destiny Islands) 16
Joshua Postrano (Facebook) 16
Devon Montoya (Facebook) 12