DI Contest Comes to an End!

It’s been an incredible summer here at Destiny Islands! We’ve just wrapped up our first contest ever, and we had such amazing participation from people all over the world! Before we announce the winners, we wanted to say a BIG thank you to all of the people who participated!

And the Winners are…

It was a close race, but in the end, 3 players emerged victorious! Congratulations!

3rd Place Winner

@coile7 from Poland (Twitter)

2nd Place Winner

Alessia Lo Curto from Italy (Facebook)

1st Place Winner

Anthony Czarnik from North America (Facebook)

Final Leaderboards


Contestant Name

Points Earned

1st Place Anthony Czarnik (Facebook) 138
2nd Place Alessia Lo Curto (Facebook) 134
3rd Place @coile7 (Twitter) 126
Runners Up Brian Tierney (Destiny Islands) 121
@ProdigalNick (Twitter) 118
Ellen Barken Shrimp (Destiny Islands) 107
@beshyr (Twitter) 98
@Snake101010 (Twitter) 49
@JosephIsCoolEst (Twitter) 41
Miranto Fitahina Ramanoarisoa (Facebook) 39
Ariel (Destiny Islands) 33
Leonard Williams (Facebook) 33
Kent Anderson (Facebook) 29
@SacredPaopu (Twitter) 25
Will Mehan (Facebook) 18
Guest (Destiny Islands) 16
Brandon Alvarado (Destiny Islands) 16
kam (Destiny Islands) 16
Joshua Postrano (Facebook) 16
Devon Montoya (Facebook) 12