Destiny Island’s Videos Of The Week! (Week #1)

Welcome to our new segment! This is Destiny Island’s first Videos Of The Week article! With these articles we try to show you the different side of Kingdom Hearts, the side that is responsible for its immense popularity, that being none other than YOU the fans! Each week to every other week we will put up an article showcasing videos around the world made by you! These videos range from remixes to just thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts franchise itself! Have some kingdom hearts artwork or merchandise you want to show off? Cosplayed in a video as one of your favorite characters from Kingdom Hearts? Don’t hesitate to share your video with us! Just send the link to and we’ll put it up on the site for all to see! But getting back to business, here is our first slew of videos!

Sora Drawing by MyaWho

Here we have an awesome drawing by Youtube username MyaWho of  Kingdom Heart’s main protagonist, Sora! You can tell he put alot of work into it! Thanks for sharing your artistic abilities with us MyaWho! And feel free to subscribe!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Reactions

So it has been nearly a week since the Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement and Kingdom Hearts fans are still excited over the reveal. Heck I’m one of them! Check out other fans reaction to Kingdom Hearts 3 in this compilation by Youtube user tfw nogf!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Abridged: Episode 4

Last but not least is a popular video genre on Youtube. I’m talking about none other than abridged series. Well Dragonball Z isnt the only one with one. Check out Kingdom Hearts 3D Abridged by Youtube username Newkidaye! (As with most abridged series there is some language but if your a fan of it then this wont be a problem)


That’s all for this week! Again, if you have any links you want to share email them to me at We’ll be back with a whole new set of videos every to every other Friday(I have a busy life haha)! Thank you for visiting! And have an awesome week!

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