358/2 Days Story Mode Walkthroughs Launched!

We’ve been hard at work adding more content to make Destiny Islands the best source for all your Kingdom Hearts information. As a part of that endeavor, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new 358/2 Days Story Mode pages! These 9 new pages cover all 93 Missions available in the game’s Story Mode, including step-by-step guides, expert boss strategies, and more! You can use the links below to check out all of the new pages, or you can use the Story Mode link under the 358/2 Days Drop-Down Menu in the Side Navigation.

Missions 01 – 11
Missions 12 – 22
Missions 23 – 33
Missions 34 – 44
Missions 45 – 55
Missions 56 – 66
Missions 67 – 77
Missions 78 – 88
Missions 89 – 93

We’ll continue to work on launching new content as fast as we can, so be on the lookout for more update coming soon!