Top Ten Kingdom Hearts 2 Codebreaker Codes

Hey there, I’m here to share with you my top ten Kingdom Hearts 2 Codebreaker Codes. If you’re not familiar with Codebreaker, I will explain. It’s a Playstation 2 disc that  you can use to put in codes (or Hacks) in your game.

So without further ado, here it is! My top ten list of codes!

No. 10 – Play as Hooded Mickey

This one is very fun to play around with, You feel like Yoda flipping around and acting like a bada**. And the Organization XIII cloak is a nice touch.

Code – 11C9618 0000005B

No. 9 – Play as Roxas

You know how you got to play as him at the beginning of the game? Yeah, well with this code you get  the experience of traveling through different worlds as him… very nice code.

Code- -11C9618 0000005A

No. 8 – Infinite HP

Having trouble with a boss? Do you keep on dying? Well do we have the code for you! The infinite HP code does exactly what you think it does, makes you immortal!

Code- 00340294 000000FF

No. 7 – Level 99

Getting to level 99 in Proud Mode is much easier than you thought it was, all you have to do is pop this code into Codebreaker and there you go!

Code- 00340487 00000063

No. 6 – Ultima Weapon

Who wants to waste time collecting all those  ingredients to make the Ultima Weapon? I know I don’t!

Code- 00340DF7 00000062

No. 5 – Play as Riku

You can’t wait until the release date of KH Dream Drop Distance to play as Riku? Well here you go it’s a little something for you to pass your time.

Code- 11CFA3FC 0000089B
01CDCE77 0000002E
21CDCE78 7465736D
21CDCE7C 00000000
21CDCE80 00000000
01CDCE96 00000023
01C88E64 00000005
10340E60 000001C6
10340E66 00000001
11CDCE9E 00000002
20340CE4 00020100

No. 4 – Xemnas Boss Warp

Now you can fight Xemnas right when you start the game!

Code- E002FEFF 0035B55C

No. 3 – Play as Axel

Everyone’s favorite fiery red-head is here! And he’s playable! Though he may have some T-Stances occasionally.

Code- 1032f228 000001BC 1032F22A 00000077    1032f22c 00000079 1032f22e 0000007D 01c95344 00000000

No. 2 – Infinite Drive Form

I always thought this code was fun because the drive forms were just awesome!

Code- 24D09428 34F44508
2446DC96 B9EC0CB3

No. 1 – Cloud Replaces Donald

Okay, come on, who really likes Donald? I mean in the first game he just abandoned you for Riku in Hollow Bastion! And Cloud is awesome, ’nuff said.

Code- 11CFA3FE 00000688

Also, I didn’t make any of the codes just found them.

They are PCSX2 Codes so they probably won’t work on a PS2 Codebreaker, and I haven’t tested all of them.

Thanks and Seeya’ Later!