Remembering the Hype of Kingdom Hearts II

Okay, I’m going to take you on a journey back to the year of 2002 and then finishing up at 2006.  Four years of anticipation for one of my favorite and long awaited games, Kingdom Hearts II.  Now back when Kingdom Hearts came out I was at the age of 10 years old (holy crap I’m almost 20!) and wasn’t too into video games however I grew up playing Sega Genesis/CD, Gameboy Color and Playstation (not 2, we’ll get to that soon enough) so I was just amazed by the commercial, the graphics were unreal!  And the song was just so captivating!

At this time I wasn’t wanting a Playstation 2 but I was determined if I were to ever get one, Kingdom Hearts would be the game I play.  Fast forward to christmas 2003 and that I did.  I was instantly addicted to it.  For about 3 days I would play the game without a memory card, and not caring that I was rewatching the same cut scenes over and over again since they were so just…amazing!

Now one of the interesting things was I asked for the game for christmas so I started looking up Kingdom Hearts online and found out that their was a Kingdom Hearts 2 coming.  You all remember this screenshot.

It was a total shock moment, especially after getting engaged with the story because you’re wondering:

  • “Whoa, who is that guy in the cloak?”
  • “Sora has black clothes!”
  • “Is that Hollow Bastion?”

For the next 3 years some many surprises will be thrown out like mysterious characters.  The internet will then go on to give these characters their own names based off their looks.  Now let’s see if you remember a few of these:

“BHK” – Blonde-Haired Kid (Roxas)

Red-Haired Girl (Kairi)

Enigmatic Man (Xemnas)

Red Coat Unknown (DiZ)

Blindfolded Unknown (Riku)

Glowing Eye Unknown (Roxas)

There seemed to be some kind of trend with a cloak.  The internet started calling them the Unknowns because well they’re unknown who they are.  What was sorta a throw-off was the BHK, BFU, and then Mickey were all dressed as Unknowns so there was really no speculation of what was going on.

WHICH IS GREAT for a new game since it keeps you interested without actually telling you anything.  These soon became the Organization and then the Organization XIII.

I didn’t truly become engrossed with the forever-need-for-Kingdom Hearts-2 until I beat the first game.  The ending was just pure awesomeness and intense.  And then finding out there’s a secret ending if you collect all 99 Dalmatians (which I did, like a boss.)

That one line, “Where’s Sora?” just gave me chills.  Even before the line came up I could totally read his lips, I felt so apart of the series like I was the only one who has seen this video and that it was telling me BUY THIS GAME..NOW!!

After seeing Another Side, Another Story I found out online that there a more in-depth secret ending that came after you beat Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (in japan only, of course.)

Deep Dive was pretty cool since it elaborated more on the fight between BHK (Roxas) and BFU (Riku) then it introduced the Glowing Eye Unknown adding even more to the “what the goofy is going on? I need this now” factor.  Plus it was 2 minutes longer than AS, AS, heck yes.  Also this.

This gag is still running with 3D

The next two years would be pretty slow but the hype was there.  It felt like the game was never going to come out, as if it were too good for man kind to experience it’s amazing Disney/Final Fantasy package.  I would buy any magazine that mentioned Kingdom Hearts in it so I could cut out the image and place it on my wall.  I bought the Kingdom Hearts 1 soundtrack from MediaPlay (the best store ever, no doubt.  I miss it so.).  Had a Halloween Town themed KH tshirt with all the characters in their Halloween Town outfits on the back of it.  Felt like a badass, actually I was.  Bought the japanese manga of the first novel off Ebay from China, never received it.  Purchased two japanese Sora figures, one regular and the other Halloween Town.  And then two weeks before the game released in the US my Dad and I made our own crappy Kingdom Key.  It was flat, not rounded but I still have it and I don’t care if it’s too long, it’s something I did because of the love of the game.

When Kingdom Hearts 2 finally released in Japan, it killed me.  Especially the people who imported the game with their sweet Swap Magic 3.0’s that could play japanese imports/back up games.  But I lived on, ignoring any possible spoilers.

The day was March 26th, 2006 the game finally came out.  I was in 7th grade and just didn’t care at all for school that day I just wanted to hurry home and pick up my reserved copy.  Finally got home, and wanted to save a buttload of money so I gathered abunch of games to sell to GameStop (never again).  Once I was at Gamestop I ended up only paying $37 for both Kingdom Hearts 2 and the limited edition guide (THING IS HUGE). It also has another extra book with cool stuff in it that somewhat looks like Jiminy’s Journal.

My whole world was flipped upside down.  This game, this game, is just GAH too good.  Now I will say yeah it’s way easier and somewhat of a joke of a story compared to Kingdom Hearts 1 but man it’s so good.  Out of every game I’ve ever played, this has the most replay value.  I still have my PS2 to this day just to play this game.  I love it.

Now that’s my story, I hope you enjoyed it.  Maybe next time I’ll tell you about how I feel like Kingdom Hearts has lost it’s touch with it’s prequels and in-between games.  Seriously stop Versus XIII and give us KH3.

Thank you.

-The Entire Goofin’ Planet.