Nomura Talks KH HD and KH PC in Famitsu Weekly!

In addition to the high-definition screenshots recently released in Famitsu Weekly, series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, sat down to talk about the two new Kingdom Hearts titles, Kingdom Hearts HD and Kingdom Hearts PC. In it, Nomura talks about the different features that KH HD will have, such as Re:Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days in Theater Mode, the revamped camera controls in KH Final Mix (changed to work as it did in Kingdom Hearts II), and so much more.

Somewhat more interesting is the fact that Nomura hints at a possible HD remake for Kingdom Hearts II sometime in the future, though nothing has been confirmed at all, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. You can read all the details below, courtesy of our friends at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.

Kingdom Hearts HD

– HD 1.5 ReMIX will be co-directed by Tai Yasue, who previously co-directed Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. The producer is Rie Nishi, and the director is, of course, Tetsuya Nomura.

– Famitsu asked “Is there gonna be a high-definition version of Kingdom Hearts II later?”, and Nomura replied “It’d be unusual if there wasn’t.”

– Various character models for Kingdom Hearts, including Sora, have been replaced with character models from Kingdom Hearts 3D.

– The two titles included as games will have trophy support. Various aspects of Kingdom Hearts have been changed to be more like Kingdom Hearts II. The screen ratio and gauge placement have also been revised. The controls are made to be a little closer to the Kingdom Hearts II controls.

– Nomura thought of doing a full remake for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, but since it was too late to start work on a new title, it was done in the form of Theater Mode. 70% of the main story has been put to video with freshly-recorded voicing, and they are currently working on around 100 scenes.

– The series so far has been scattered on various hardware, by the time new fans came to know Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II was already out. Before turning to the conclusion of the present series, the ‘Seeker of Darkness Chronicles’ (same as what has been called the Xehanort Chronicles up until now), Nomura wanted to bring the whole story together.

– Nomura: “I figured since there were people who had a hard time keeping up with the sequels, we had to start from the beginning with Kingdom Hearts HD. I also thought that familiar fans might make new discoveries seeing everything in chronological order with the sequels side by side.”

– Nomura said that because the series so far has been scattered over different consoles, there have been people who found it difficult to access sequels. Seeing as you will now be able to enjoy the story in HD quality right from the beginning, he would absolutely love for those who haven’t played yet to do so. Even those who have already played it all may make new discoveries regarding foreshadowing and lines that reference previous lines and such. He would be happy if this title turns out to be a ‘restart’ for the series.

– Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- development was planned even before Final Fantasy X HD was announced on September 13, 2011, prior to Tokyo Game Show 2011. This means that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX- development has been planned for over a year. Square Enix’s Osaka team was consulted over whether they could do something to make best use of the PS3′s performance.

– Actual development was kick-started because the Kingdom Hearts series had been spread over several consoles, and secondly, by the series’ 10th anniversary, it had become difficult for new gamers to join in.

– HD remastering was very difficult, but two great programmers from Square Enix’s Osaka team spent close to a year on this, allowing it to come to fruition. Square Enix’s Osaka team are the team responsible for Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance].

– The Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2012 was released thanks to the Osaka team. The programmers that handled the HD remastering were merged in from a team that hadn’t been involved in the Kingdom Hearts series up until now.

– There are Kingdom Hearts staff in the Square Enix’s Tokyo team too, but there have been drastic changes. You could say that the basically unchanging lineup of the Osaka team forms the true present staff for the series. The series is able to continue because of them.

– The remade HD cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days total in at about two to three hours of footage, according to Nomura.

– Nomura thought about perhaps remaking 358/2 Days as a game, but it would have taken over a years so he decided to give priority to the new title and instead have 358/2 Days, necessary for inclusion, as a video volume.

– You don’t have to play through the games in order to unlock 358/2 Days‘ video volume. You can select to watch 358/2 Days straight after starting the game.

– Some of Sora and the other’s models have been replaced with the latest ones.

Kingdom Hearts PC

– Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers will be a typical browser game. Controls will be simple and using cards, with the content not strongly action-oriented. Co-operating with several people is also a feature, however, the game is fundamentally for one person.

– Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers is not a title with an emphasis on story, but they are working in a set-up. You can enjoy the content as something completely separate from the main series. The card battling is different from Chain of Memories. They are filling this title with new elements for this type of customization-based title.

– Development is not done by Square Enix’s Osaka team, it is done somewhere else.

– It will be a spin-off title, completely removed from the story of the main series. Due to the nature of a browser game, they couldn’t put in any grand set up for the story.

– There are new characters, but Nomura won’t say whether or not they will be involved in the main series.