New Dream Drop Distance Pages Launched

Kingdom Hearts 3D Articles

Destiny Islands is proud to announce a new category of links in our Games Section: Dream Drop Distance! This new section will feature links to all of our pages covering Kingdom Hearts 3D. For starters, we’ve launched four new pages under this new category: Overview, Characters, Worlds, and the Official Artwork Gallery.

Our new Overview page gives details about KH 3D’s new battle systems, gameplay features, and other cool new topics. Our new Characters page gives brief bios for all of the important characters featured in KH 3D. Our new World page showcases all of the new places visited in Dream Drop Distance. And finally, our new Official Artwork Gallery features over 80 new images, including poster artwork, world artwork, character renders, and Dream Eater renders!

Though we probably won’t be posting much content in this category until the game is released internationally, we wanted to get this new section up and running as soon as possible so you can see all the new things heading our way. Please check back frequently for more updates coming in the near future.