KH3D Plush Meow Wow For Sale in Square-Enix Shop

I’m sure you all remember our post from earlier this year detailing the Wonder Nyan plushie release. Well just the other day Square-Enix published this plush for sale in their online web store.

You can find it online here selling for $35.00 USD. It looks simply adorable and fits perfectly into any KH fans collection!

Below I’ve copied the item description from SE’s shop:

From the newest installment of the Kingdom Hearts saga, Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance], comes this lovable, huggable plush Dream Eater. Nicknamed Meow Wow, this chubby-cute creature’s goofy, adoring expression will definitely endear him to you.

With his tongue out and his little feet just brushing the ground on stubby legs, you’ll want to pick him up and take him home with you forever.

KH3D Meow Wow plushie display

Source: Square-Enix Shop & KHU