Kingdom Hearts II Walkthroughs Launched … And More!

Kingdom Hearts II Articles

It took a long time, but we’ve finally completed our extensive Kingdom Hearts II Walkthrough Pages! Every single second of the game from the very beginning until the very end is laid out down to every last detail. Every event, every boss, every world, every battle – it’s all covered in our 36-page Kingdom Hearts II Walkthrough!

In addition to that, you may have noticed we’ve added a few new images to some of our Official Artwork pages. You should check some of them out!

We’ve also updated our Kingdom Hearts Series Explained Pages to include new information and answer some new questions about the series. We received some questions through our site email and we wanted to make sure we answered them for you!

Finally, you may have noticed that some of our pages have new button links. We decided to replace our old ones with these new ones to ensure that it’s easier to get around Destiny Islands and find what you’re looking for with ease!

It’s all part of Destiny Islands’ continuing efforts to become the #1 Kingdom Hearts source on the web! We’re always looking for ways to make DI just a little bit better!