KH 3D “Dream or Drop” Campaign Releases TV Commercials

Airing on Monday Mar 26 were a couple of unique Kingdom Hearts 3D ads. These were streamed online from the 3DS website and only appear to be in Japanese. This is all published under a unique “Dream or Drop” campaign created by Square-Enix.

You can check out the new website which features much of the same content. It appears this is a large viral campaign which includes the promotional 10th anniversary pack and Wonder Nyan Plushie. Below are the two 15-second advertisements both in Japanese:

An interesting side bit… we get more information from this blog post on Anime News Network.

“The game will ship in Japan on March 29 in three editions, including one with an exclusive Kingdom Hearts Nintendo 3DS unit and another with bonuses to celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary. Square Enix will release the game in North America and Europe later this year.”