Kingdom Hearts 3D Japanese Release!

It’s finally here everybody! Though technically it was March 29th hours ago in Japan, the official release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has come! Not only is the game out, but the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Collector’s Box is out as well!

Though this doesn’t much for all of us international gamers out there waiting to get our hands on 3D, with the Japanese release, we are that much closer to seeing it released around the world. Square-Enix has yet to confirm if they’ll be doing anything special for the 10th Anniversaries of the international releases, but it has been hinted that there may be something special heading our way in September and November (September 17th is the North American anniversary and November 15th is the European anniversary).

I know I am personally looking forward to this new title, and with the supposed leaked release date of July 26, 2012 for the international release, I can almost guarantee that we’ll be seeing some international KH 3D updates when E3 rolls around this June!