Kingdom Hearts 3D Famitsu Screens

Hello everyone. has updated their site with a selection of screenshots. They display new mechanisms such as Dive Mode, Link Portals, and Training Toys. Other Screens are also available. Check them out below:

Dive Mode

Dive Mode is the mode that you access before arriving to a new world. It is much like the battles you experience while navigating Gummi Ships. As you dive further into a world, the requirements to enter the world are defeating enemies, collecting prizes, and clearing a precise score.

3DS Dive Mode screenshot Riku Dream Drop Mode 3DS Screenshot

Link Portal

Link Portals are located in various places of free play. The two types of Link Portals are Battle Portals and Friend Portals.

Sora with some Dream Eater Spirits Riku with Dream Eater Bear

Battle Portals are important in order to befriend Dream Eaters. These portals matches you against a peculiar Dream Eater. By defeating them, you’ll obtain exclusive materials necessary to create your very own ally.

Dream Drop Distance Screenshot Famitsu 3DS new screenshot start challenge

Friend Portals are just as important. By accessing one, you assign a temporary Dream Eater to your party. These Dream Eaters derive from the data you’ve encountered in the “Street Pass” feature.

Dream Drop Distance Street Pass Dream Drop Battle Rank Screen

Training Toys

Amongst the numerous ways of evolving your Dream Eaters, you can play by petting and poking them with your stylus. By doing this, you accumulate Link Points which are used towards new abilities and experience.

3DS Game training toys Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality features

If you are seeking more Link Points, there are training toys to utilize. The two training toys shown below are Treasure Goggle and Water Barrel.

3DS Game Renders for Dream Eater Spirits Dream Drop Distance screenshot dream eaters

Other Screens

Located below. There are even more scenes regarding the story and gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Combined screen shot from 3DS Dream Drop Distance Ansem v Riku
Mickey, Donald, and Goofy with Yen Sid Sora summons a dream eater spirit
Lea in the Mysterious Tower Sora Dream Drop battle scene screenshot
Boss battle inside Monstro's world Dream Drop Distance battle screen shot Riku

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