KHII FM English Patch Roxas vs Axel Battle 720p Video

Our latest staff member Blackluster96 has been helping put together some ideas for videos on the website. We are missing quality cutscenes and gameplay footage since our original recordings were done through analog DVD recording.

But now we have high-grade emulation technology! As a small preview I want to release some footage from Blackluster69’s recent Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix gameplay. This is running the English patched version of the game which is why you’ll notice some black bars above the text subtitles. But the quality is phenomenal and truly mind-blowing for the PS2 rendering engine.

I have embedded the streaming video in 480p so you don’t need to wait on an enormous load time. But if you want to download a copy of the video you can grab it in 720p HD. All our video files are released as MP4/H.264 encoded with AAC or MP3 audio channels. The video should play normally on both Windows and Mac systems – plus it should also work 100% your mobile devices, too!

Download the 720p Video