KH 3D Soundtrack Released!

The official soundtrack website for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been gradually releasing track previews for some of the titles in anticipation of the soundtrack release in Japan. The wait is now over with the release of the KH 3D Official Soundtrack! This new soundtrack features 3 Discs, each with over 15 Tracks. Look forward to some all new music like “Storm Diver” and “Majestic Wings“, some new mixes of classic Kingdom Hearts songs, such as “Traverse in Trance” (which is a new take on the old Traverse Town theme) and “L’Impeto Oscuro” (which is a slightly revamped version of “Dark Impetus” from the Mysterious Figure battle), and some remixed versions of songs from the World Ends With You Soundtrack like “Twister” and “Someday“!

We here at Destiny Islands have already purchased our copy and you can bet we’ll be posting the entire soundtrack for streaming and download sometime in the near future!