KH 3D Demo Release for Nintendo eShop!

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Announced this morning, Nintendo has released a small playable demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. You can download it from the Nintendo eShop for free! The Demo includes a few tutorial sequences, such as basic combat, Flowmotion, and Reality Shifting. It also features a playable portion of Traverse Town where players can romp through everybody’s favorite Kingdom Hearts locale as Sora.

The playable campaign in Traverse Town shows Sora’s fist arrival in town, in which he meets up with Neku from The World Ends With You. The cutscene ends and the demo allows you to then explore two areas of Traverse Town. The first is a wide-open area filled with many places to practice the new Flowmotion techniques, as well as plenty of areas filled with nasty Nightmares to test out some of your Deck Commands and Reality Shifting in battle! The second area is pretty empty, but if you climb high enough, you can fight off the Hockomonkey Boss atop the botanical garden rooftops. This is a great first fight to really practice using your surroundings to build up momentum and unleash powerful attacks to take your enemy down!

This game really emphasizes using the rather expansive maps to your advantage, springing from grind rails, around light posts, and off of walls to gain the upper hand against your foes. We can tell simply from our brief playthrough that this is going to be a truly enjoyable installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. You can check out our full-length playthrough of this Demo below, or on our official YouTube Channel.