KH 3D Countdown Celebration – Week 3

With just 5 weeks left before the North American release of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, our countdown marches on to Week 3!

This week, we here at Destiny Islands have collected quite an assortment of English screenshots from KH 3D – 32 to be exact (we were going to post 31 in some sort of reference to the game’s release date, but then we found one more and we just HAD to share it too)! You can check them out below!

Sora Riku Destiny Islands ocean Sora with Neku in downtown Traverse Town
Sora and Neku with Necho Dream Eater Moogle floating with Rhyme pointer
Joshua with Rhyme and Sora 3DS screenshot Riku with Joshua screenshot
3DS Beat in Traverse Town Outside downtown Riku Traverse Town Second District
Riku and Shiki outside Traverse Town Quasimodo in Disney Notre Dame
Sora with the dark Gargoyles Riku with Princess Esmeralda
Frolo spirit energy screenshot Sora with Cyber Tron World
Sora and Flynn in Tron World Riku in 3DS Tron World
Princess with Sora Screenshot Pinocchio Circus Fun Time
Jiminiy Cricket in 3DS Monstro and Pinocchio with Riku
Three Muskateers battle Countryside World Muskateers World in Kingdom Hearts 3DS
Pete with a Mustache 3DS Muskateers Battle alongside Sora
Beagle Boys with Treasure Chest Queen Minnie and Riku screenshot
Queen Minnie with Riku screenshot King Mickey within Dream Drop Distance
Sora wields the keyblade in Dream Drop Distance Magician Wizard Mickey the King
Mickey Mouse Wizard Costume King Mickey and Riku magician's tower

We hope these get you as pumped for Kingdom Hearts 3D as they got us, and we hope you’ll join us next week for Week 4 of our KH 3D Countdown Celebration!