KH 3D Countdown Celebration – Week 1

Well folks, we promised new content every Friday from now until Dream Drop Distance, and this week is no different. We’ve only got 7 weeks left on our countdown until Kingdom Hearts 3D is released state-side, so we’re bringing out everything we’ve got in celebration!

This week as part of our countdown, we’ve got several new videos from E3 2012. E3 just finished yesterday, and sadly, none of us here at Destiny Islands were able to attend (maybe some day). But that doesn’t mean we’re just gonna leave you guys empty handed! We’ve got four new videos showing off some of Dream Drop Distance in action. It should be noted that some of these videos (particularly the gameplay videos) do contain spoilers, but not for anything ridiculously important. The worst spoiler is just a few standard cutscenes from the Country of the Musketeers world.

First up is the official Gameplay Teaser released by Square-Enix. Special thanks to UKSquareEnix for uploading it to YouTube.

Next we have G4’s interview between Kristen Adams and Raio Mitsuno, giving fans a little insight into some of the games features. This one comes straight from G4’s Official YouTube Channel

Then we have Nintendo’s interview with Tai Yasue, covering some more of what’s to come with KH 3D. Special thanks to KidChurro from KH Ultimania for uploading this video.

And finally, we have a 10 Minute gameplay video taken by showing off some of the Country of the Musketeers world, playing both as Sora and as Riku. We’d like to thank RPGamer’s Official YouTube Channel for posting this video.

That’s all we have for you today. Be sure to check back next Friday (June 15, 2012) for Week 2 of our KH 3D Countdown Celebration!