Final Fantasy XV Rumored to be Open World Battle System

An interesting article found on Gameranx speculates that the release of Final Fantasy XV should be slated for early 2013. The leak comes from a “GamesMaster” located out of the United Kingdom. This will be launched for all the major consoles including PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. Here is a collection of the more interesting information:

  • The game has already been in development for over 4 years.
  • It entered full production in January 2010, a month after FFXIII was released in Japan. Since then Final Fantasy XV has had a development team of just over 200 people.
  • The director is the same person who directed FFVI, FFIX and FFXII, Hiroyuki Ito.
  • The game design and battle system will be a major evolution of FFXII.
  • The battle system now allows you to target different parts of an enemy’s body like in Vagrant Story.
  • The game will be open world and have sprawling, crowd-filled cities on par with Assassin’s Creed.

You can also check out the original thread from the GameFAQs forums. I’m definitely excited to see what Square-Enix has in store for XIV and XV.

Final Fantasy XV Technical demo screenshot/wallpaper

Source: Gameranx