Fake Rumors of FF XIII Lightning Appearing in KH3D

There have been some interesting images leaked around the web from what appears to be a Japanese gaming magazine. It depicts Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 as a full render for the upcoming Dream Drop Distance release.

The rumors have been proven to be false as the magazine scan was actually created in Photoshop. The artist made a short tutorial on his DeviantArt page which you can follow and build the exact same scan!

Lightning in Kingdom Hearts 3DS - Render tutorial in Photoshop

I’ve also included the full final version render which you can download and play with. The artwork is impeccable – it goes great in a forum signature, wallpaper, avatar photo, or even create your own fake magazine article!

Also below are some credit links where you can find the full tutorial and final product. Even without Lightning in the game this still a really cool April Fools joke!

Full lightning render PNG - Kingdom Hearts 3DS April Fools joke

Fabulla on DeviantArt
Full magazine scan image
Lightning Final Version