Dream Drop Distance Site Updated & New Special Trailer

Last night, Square-Enix updated the official Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance website, adding new character bios and some new gameplay videos. You can view all the new updates here.

Also featured on the site is a brand new trailer that’s just short of 10 MINUTES LONG! You can view the trailer below, courtesy of KH13.com’s YouTube Channel. You can enable english subtitles by turning the captions on.

This new trailer includes many of the scenes we’ve seen before from the Jump Festa trailer released a few months ago, but it also includes many new things!

– New cutscenes, including more scenes with the Mysterious Figure, the new Tron Legacy world, the Fantasia World, and a few new scenes from the worlds that were originally introduced (Hunchback, Pinnochio, Traverse Town, and Three Musketeers).

– The World That Never Was and Radiant Garden return in cutscenes. No details on whether or not these will be playable worlds.

– Roxas, Axel (calling himself Lea), Xion, Xigbar (calling himself Braig), Namine, Kairi, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Vanitas, Ansem, Xemnas, and Master Xehanort all return in some capacity

– Boss fight against Ursula revealed (possible Atlantica world)

– New Dream Eaters revealed

– New look at Augmented Reality functions and multiplayer minigames

– New characters featured in Tron Legacy World

– A mysterious new character has been revealed (the red-eyed figure in the Organization cloak), though there are no details on who or what it is.

You can also check out some of the screenshots we took from the trailer that feature all of the returning characters as well as the new character.

Source: Square-Enix 3DS Website