Dream Drop Distance Scans/Interview

Terrific news!!!

Thanks to SQEX☆GAL (Olivia). We have the translations to this week’s Famitsu article involving an interview with Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Check out her translated summary tweets below:

   ®Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance’s play time is about 35 hours, and longer if you    include the mini games and Dream Eater training.
   ®The first package design for KH3D featured King Mickey mainly, with Riku and Sora as side parts. Because the    title didn’t fit well and Nomura worried that it would be hard to recognize, he redesigned it with the current image and    layout.
   ®On the AR Code Dream Eaters: Buying KH3D comes with one card for one rare Dream Eater, but you’ll be able to    get the recipes for the other rare AR dream eaters through street pass.
   ®The mysterious figure in the black coat isn’t necessarily new, but they are important to the story.
   ®About the key phrase, “Those who are asleep in sadness”: Sora and Riku are preparing to rescue them.
   ®At first they planned to have Sora go to original Tron world, and Riku go to Tron Legacy world.
   ®Other than Ansem and Xemnas who appear often, Axel (Lea) and the silver haired boy are key characters.
   ®In the end we’ll finally see Xemnas/Ansem’s true form.
   ®Donald and Goofy couldn’t be team mates this time because they are not Keyblade wielders. Thus, the Dream    Eaters were developed.
   ®The growth system of the Dream Eaters is connected to Sora and Riku’s growth. Dream Eater’s growth is like a    breeding system, treating them well makes them grow better.
   ®The command system is different than BBS, it’s more of a mix between Days and Re:coded.
   ®There are 4 types of Dream Eater personalities, they also change depending on how you do in battle, etc.
   ®King Wondernyan isn’t an evolution of a Wondernyan, they are separate Dream Eaters.
   ®The main mini game you play with then is called Flick Crash, which combines speed and action aspects.
   ®You can name your own Dream Eaters.
   ®There are 50 sorts of Dream Eaters you can partner with, however, boss Dream Eaters are not included.
   ®The next issue of Famitsu Weekly will have a Nomura interview as well.

Here are the scans: