Creative Examples of Sora & Kairi Fan Artwork

There are plenty of examples of beautiful fan artwork to be found all around the web. Artists are always looking for creative outlets to express new ideas and build upon already existing designs. The Kingdom Hearts series is ripe for parody and attracts a crowd deeply devoted to the title.

In this showcase I collected a nice set of KH fan art relating to Sora and Kairi. These are renditions and remakes from dozens of different artists all around the world! If you have created similar fan art be sure to let us know in the discussion thread below.

Kairi in Summer Time

Kairi bikini in summer time

Sora and Kairi as kids

Sora and Kairi as children

Floating in the clouds

Floating in the clouds


KH Chibi Charms

Kairi and Namine

Kairi and Namine artwork

First Love, Sora and Kairi

sora and kairi first love

Come on Sora!

come on sora!

Sora Sketching

Sketching Sora

Tea Party Anyone?

Sora+Kairi tea party time

Destiny Islands’ Mousketeers

Destiny Islands Donald Goofy Sora Riku!

Deeply Confused

Sora confused face

Sora and Kairi Puffed!

Power Puff Kairi and Sora

Destiny Islands Palm

Destiny Islands palm tree case

Valentine’s Kiss

Valentine's day kiss kairi

Sora Cartoonified

cartoonified jumping keyblade

Outside the Heart

Outside of the heart

What Lies Beyond the Story

you do not yet know what lies beyond the door

Love and Light

love and light

Sora and the Heartless

Hilarious sora's got the heartless


Re: Chain of Memories Sora