3D Launch Event Photos from Nintendo World Store in New York City

The Kingdom Hearts release party in NYC has blown up all over the Internet. There are dozens of media websites reporting photos directly from the Kingdom Hearts Twitter and Square-Enix NA accounts. The photos include box artwork along with the georgous decorations lettered across Nintendo World Store.

We have copied over some of the more interested photos in this gallery. Feel free to share them around in Facebook or Twitter.

We are just as excited for the release dates as everyone else! And all throughout today (Saturday July 28) we’ll be catching tons of new media and screenshots from the premiere.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS Floor design

Dream Drop Distance game boxes releases party

New York City Nintendo Store - KH redesign interior

Case Design and game box artwork for 3DS

Sales Associates at the Nintendo Store - Kingdom Hearts DDD Release Party

Camera Shot of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance merchandise, game box artwork, and collectors edition media

Premiere party at the Nintendo World Store NYC

Dream Drop Distance Launch Event - Poster Official Artwork Design

Nintendo Store NYC - Empty showcase room design panel

Source: @SQEX_Members_NA
Source II: kh13.com