Will Dream Drop Distance Make its Debut at E3?

There has been a lot of fuss regarding E3 this year. Lots of fantastic titles coming out of Square-Enix including the much anticipated Dream Drop Distance. This new title for 3DS is boasting some fantastic demo clips online, all hosted natively by Square-Enix’s channel.

From June 6-9 we’ll be experiencing some very large platforms and releases from the largest market players. Video gaming is about to be taken into a whole new realm! On YouTube a user kingskater4 has posted a small bit regarding what to expect. You can view his clip here, although I wouldn’t recommend expecting much.

Ultimately we’ll just have to wait over the weekend to see what’s coming about. We can all feel some great changes are under way, and personally I’m psyched at the amount of responses. It seems as though confusion is in the air regarding just how original the title will be. A little while back we saw a writeup on G4 specifically discussing some screens which were released.

These included scenery from a Notre Dame world and possibly another visit to Traverse Town. You’ll be returning to many of the old worlds again, yet face different storylines with possibly a whole new slew of characters. Whatever the future may hold, we’ll be keeping you updated each step of the way!