More KH 3D News!!!

With Jump Festa starting tomorrow, we’re bound to be getting even more news regarding Dream Drop Distance any day now. In the meantime, we still have quite a few pieces of juicy news for you to sink your teeth into!

First off, the official Japanese Dream Drop Distance site is live, featuring some information on the story and characters, as well as media links for wallpapers you can download.

The site also features the official Dream Drop Distance version of Dearly Beloved playing in the background. You can also check out the full version on YouTube, uploaded by @KHDestiny.

And finally, in addition to the two scans we posted the other day, we have another scan from Famitsu magazine featuring even more new information. The scan shows off a new screenshot with Beat and Joshua in it from The World Ends With You. It would seem that Beat is lamenting about how he was unable to save Rhyme, his partner from The World Ends With You, implying that she might not be featured in Dream Drop Distance. You can check out the scan below.