Kingdom Hearts Symbols

There isn’t any news of late, but I would like to pique your interest in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Symbols are an important part in the Kingdom Hearts series. The symbols are representations and bared by characters, enemies, and manifested as keychains. I will begin by displaying multiple symbols and describing their unique depiction after which I will unveil two new symbols.

Symbol: Heart

The symbol of the Heart. This symbol signifies the heart itself and that of Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts’s title and cover displays this very symbol. The heart is a constant element within the game. It directly connects to all living things and any positive or negative influence would be caused by a direct impact on the heart.

Symbol: Heartless

The symbol of the Heartless. This symbol is an artificial brand created for the heartless made by Xehanort the Apprentice. Naturally, It was the symbol of Hollow Bastion. The symbol is a heart which is held by thorns; literally exhibiting the heart being a captive of itself. The constant threat of the heartless appear in every game.

Symbol: Nobody

The symbol of the Nobody. This symbol is a representation of nobodies and which lesser nobodies bare. Nobodies are the counterparts of the heartless. I interpret their symbols in the same perspective. The thorns appear on the outside, the peak. At the symbol’s base, there is a heart which is lacking fullness, similar to the nobodies existence. The symbol could be an artificial brand also created by Xehanort/Xemnas.

Symbol: Unversed

The symbol of the Unversed. This symbol is a depiction of the unversed. It seems to consist of two halves which cross to form a heart. The two parts could represent two beings who share equal parts of one heart. The arc like motion of the base is almost corresponding to the eyes of the Unversed.

Symbol: Keyblade

The symbol of the Keyblade. This symbol is of the key to protect the hearts of many and grants the abilities to manipulate the heart and open the door to “All Hearts”. The keyblade is an important tool to balance and maintain the worlds. Although, in the hands of other wielders, the keyblade can be used for malice. This keyblade also bears a crown which possibly can be considered Sora’s keyblade.

Symbol: Sora

The symbol of Sora. This symbol is a crown which represents Sora, our hero. It is his signature throughout multiple titles within the series. For example, crowns have been seen to be collective items/stickers. Sora wears the crown around his neck. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +, the crown is also a costume modification.

Symbol: Riku

The symbol of Riku. This symbol is similar to the emblem of the artificial heartless without the thorns. Riku bares the symbol in his “Dark Mode”. In Dark Mode, Riku is a dark entity. He is able to control the heartless. Riku wields the weapon, Soul Eater, which evolves becoming the Way to Dawn. The keychain of the Way to Dawn bares his symbol.

Symbol: Mickey Mouse

The symbol of Mickey Mouse. This symbol is in the shape of a mouse and is also shown on the keychains of the Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D. The King has made an appearance in every title so far. Although the symbol represent Mickey, additionally it embodies Disney.

New Symbols

Above, there are two symbols within the banner that I have not touched on. The banner comes from the Dream Drop Distance’s Official Website. The banner contains Sora’s, Riku’s, Mickey’s, the Heart’s and the Keyblade’s Symbols. The remaining two symbols are similar in shape but they have distinct differences. One is more curbed and the other has sharper edges. They appear as hearts. What could these symbols possibly mean? Could these be new enemies, characters, or keyblades? Check back for more information in the coming future!