Kingdom Hearts Series Soundtracks Launched!

Want some Kingdom Hearts music? Want ALL the Kingdom Hearts music? Well, we’ve got it ALL! Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +, Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, AND Birth by Sleep: Final Mix – we have absolutely every single song from absolutely every single game in the entire Kingdom Hearts series, plus more, all available for free download right here on Destiny Islands! Just head on over to our Soundtracks page to check it out. Stream songs live here on Destiny Islands or download them and take them on the go. The “Soundtrack” links available in each of the games’ Drop-Down Menus provides shortcuts so you can jump straight to that game’s soundtrack. It’s perfect for when you want to find the soundtrack you’re looking for fast and be on your way!