Kingdom Hearts Playthrough Getting Started on YouTube

So many of you probably know about the Destiny Islands playthrough section. We’ve been cataloging some fantastic action as we play through each of the Kingdom Hearts games bit-by-bit. It’s been a wonderful experience, not over yet (and honestly just getting warmed up!)

Officially we launched our Destiny Islands YouTube channel just a few months ago before the site went up. We have been adding new friends and subscribers ever since, keeping up with new releases. Starting in chronological order we’ve begun to release videos for the Kingdom Hearts I playthrough section.

These have been broken up into segments of roman numerals. We’re currently under part XXIII from Agrabah to Monstro. If you’d like to check our massive video wall which includes all of our recent uploads. We have plans in the making to build on Chain of Memories or ReCoM, Kingdom Hearts II and Final Mix+, 358/2 Days, BBS, and more as time moves forward.

The embedded video above should get you started on our playthrough section. This is part I of the over 20 video segments currently under our YouTube channel. As always, we’ll be keeping you guys updated for new releases as we move forward. If possible we’d love to offer some type of commentary as we move through the motions of hilarious storytelling and wild antics in-game.

Check out the vids, let us know what you think. Do we need a better file structure? More HD quality? We love input and suggestions from all, and seriously consider all our fan replies.