Final Fantasy XIII-2 Officially Released in Japan

So it’s official as of today 12/15/2011! Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been released to the public in Japan. Our North American counterpart is expected much later in January of 2012. But we’re still very excited to see Square-Enix progressing forward with such a great title.

From this awesome blog post you can check out a few photos of game media. There was news of a custom Playstation 3 console to be released as well – this would feature Lightning official artwork with a black finish.

Check out the pic!

The ability to tame wild monsters with a blue mage seems really cool. I’m also excited to see if the battle system has updated with any new features. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait for the American release to update on this subject more. But with a XIII-2 release date closing in and a possible FFX HD remake for PS3, I’ve been very satisfied with Square-Enix and hope for even more to come in 2012.