KH 3DS Famitsu Media Update (w/ Screenshots)

Huge update, everyone! Famitsu has updated their page with all sorts of content. They have details of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and high quality screenshots.

Old Worlds & New Worlds

In the following screenshots, you can see Sora and Riku in Traverse Town and in the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s World. Brand new worlds will be introduced and returning worlds will have new areas.

Sora and Neku KH3D New Screenshot Sora and Neku KH3D New Screenshot
Sora and Neku KH3D New Screenshot Kingdom Hearts 3DS Sora's new outfit
Riku and Quasi Modo KH3D New Screenshot Riku, Quasi Modo, and Esmerelda New Screenshot

Traverse Town Fourth District Artwork KH3D

Spirits & Nightmares

Dream Eaters are new enemies and allies. They have their own symbols which differ if they’re an ally or enemy. The Dream Eater allies are called “Spirits”. The Dream Eater enemies are called “Nightmares”. The “Spirits” are partnered with Sora and Riku, and they act in a manner similar to the summons. Two “Spirits” can be brought into battle and special techniques can be performed with them. There will be some type of collection for the “Spirits”, but as of now, their exact count is undetermined.

Sora 3DS Dream Eaters friends screenshot preview from Famitsu Sora's dream eater
Sora and Dream Eaters KH3D Sora Dream Eater Boss Traverse Town
KH3D Sora Nightmare Traverse Town Sora Dream Eater Traverse Town
KH3D Sora Dream Eater Traverse Town KH3D Riku Dream Eater Hunchback Notre Dame

Two New ACTION Systems

Bold Action is the theme of Kingdom Hearts 3D. Sora and Riku progress through the stages by wall bounding and pole whirling.

Free Flow Action

KH3D Free Flow ActionPress Y when in close proximity to a wall or pole to execute spectacular actions. You can Press A for a Free Flow Action such as “Kick Dive”, after springing from a wall; you target the ground and damage surrounding enemies, and “Turn Cutter”, which you whirl around a pole inflicting damage to enemies close by.

Reality Shift

KH3D Reality ShiftA specific marker will appear on an enemy. Press the X or A button to activate reality shift mode. The action will be in suspension which Sora or Riku will depart from the upper screen and emerge at the bottom screen. Sora’s Slingshot is shown below and other special techniques can be achieved through this method.