Kingdom Hearts 3D News from TGS ’11

Hey everybody! There’s been some exciting developments at this year’s Tokyo Game Show regarding Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance! Specifically, an official poster artwork has been revealed! You can check it out here. On that poster, you can see that Kingdom Hearts 3D has been confirmed for a Japan release in Spring 2012, which means we’re probably looking at late Summer or early Fall 2012 for an international release. Also, Sora and Riku’s new outfits have been revealed, which you can see here.

Finally, a new trailer has been confirmed for Dream, Drop, Distance this year, though it has not been released to the general public (and therefore I sadly have no link to post), but in that trailer, one rather interesting character who I’ll bet nobody was expecting to see makes a cameo. Neku from The World Ends With You, another popular Square-Enix game released back in 2007, has been confirmed to be appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3D! You can check out the images here. You can check back here for when the trailer is released!