Discontinuities in Kingdom Hearts

So it’s been roughly 10 years since the first Kingdom Hearts game was released, and let’s be honest: it’s been a fantastic series that keeps getting better and better with each new installment. However, throughout those installments, there have been several instances in which things just don’t seem to add up. Here are just five discontinuities that I’ve personally noticed while playing the Kingdom Hearts series for the past 10 years, in order of how impacting they really are:

#5: Just Who Banished Pete, Anyway?

In the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, you encounter Pete, who apparently happens to be an acquaintance of Donald and Goofy’s. When filling Sora in, Goofy explains that His Majesty (meaning King Mickey) banished Pete to another dimension a while back.

At the time, I didn’t think anything of this, but when Birth by Sleep came out just last year, I realized that something didn’t line up quite right. During your trip to Disney Town, you actually get to witness Pete’s banishment. However, it was not by King Mickey’s hands, but rather, Queen Minnie’s. This wasn’t a major discontinuity, but it was still worth mentioning.

#4: Wait! When Did THAT Happen!?

During the Prologue section of Kingdom Hearts II (when you’re playing as Roxas), there are several flashback scenes that take place, filling in all of the events from Kingdom Hearts. During one of these flashback sequences, you may have noticed a particular scene involving a guy in a black cloak in Hollow Bastion that actually didn’t take place in the first game. This mysterious hooded man actually only appears in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, a game that wasn’t even released anywhere outside of Japan. And this event is referenced in Kingdom Hearts II, a game that was released everywhere. To me, it doesn’t make sense that Square-Enix would include a scene that not everybody got to see in game that everybody got to play. Maybe that’s just me, but I thought I’d include it in my list anyway.

#3: So Why Can’t He Do That All the Time?

Have you ever noticed that in cutscenes, characters have the sudden ability to do things that they normally can’t do when you’re controlling them. Coming in at #3 on our list is just that. Whether it’s being able to jump inexplicably higher than you normally can or the ability to suddenly kill enemies in one hit when they normally take several full combos to defeat, there are definitely times in the Kingdom Hearts series when your characters are suddenly better than they are when you get to play as them.

#2: Master Yen Sid Lives…Where Again?

Coming in at #2 on the countdown is Donald and Goody’s total lapse of memory. In Kingdom Hearts II, when you come across Pete, Donald and Goofy are astounded to learn that the great and powerful Yen Sid lives in the tower that Pete was trying to invade. It seems a bit strange to me that Donald and Goofy were surprised to discover this when they should have already known.

In Birth by Sleep, Donald and Goofy are actually residents of the Mysterious where Yen Sid lives. So to me, it doesn’t make sense that they would suddenly forget that they’ve been to this tower before. And you can’t even blame it on the whole memory loss situation during Chain of Memories, because all of those memories were restored. So I don’t know what went wrong in their heads, but they should still remember where one of the most important Disney characters in the game lives.

#1: And the Million Dreams Award Goes to…

The story in Birth by Sleep can be a bit hard to follow, seeing as how it is split between three characters who embark on three separate (yet simultaneous) journeys. But the part where it becomes the most confusing to me is during the trip to Disney Town. The Million Dreams Festival is well under way and all three of our heroes get to partake of some of the local festivities during their visit.

However, you’ll notice that the exact same cutscene takes place in all three stories, just with slight changes depending on whose story you’re playing. In each story, all three heroes win the award, but two of them are always missing at the time. Yet in all three stories, that character accepts the award on behalf of all three of them. The gist of it is this: how is that all three heroes can be a part of the Million Dreams Award ceremony if they’re not all there at the same time?

It’s not like there are three separate ceremonies that all play out identically to each other. And furthermore, the award changes every single time. Three different characters attend the same ceremony, and yet somehow, two of them aren’t there in each story (and those two change depending on whose story you’re playing), and in the end, each character gets their own unique award. Something about this whole thing just makes no sense at all, which is why this discontinuity came in at #1 on my list.

That concludes my list of discontinuities in Kingdom Hearts. There are more, I’m sure, but these were the 5 that stood out to me the most. Feel free to post some comments about other issues you’ve noticed throughout the series.