Destiny Islands Version 3.2 Coming Soon!

Hello everybody. Over the past couple of posts, we’ve been telling you that we here at Destiny Islands are slowly making minor organizational and aesthetic changes to the site in order to make it more pleasing for you to come and visit. This is the official announcement that Destiny Islands Version 3.2 is under development as we speak. You may have already noticed some new changes, such as the banners, the new footer image, and the new links under the Games’ Drop-Down Menu. All of these changes are meant to make things easier to find and just to make Destiny Islands bigger and better. We’re striving to make Destiny Islands your #1 Kingdom Hearts source for news, information, artwork, and everything else!

If you have any other suggestions about things we could do to make the site better for your user experience, please leave them in the comments below, or email us here at Destiny Islands. Thank you all for your patience and support over the past six months since we launched! We’re just overwhelmed with how much the site has taken off, and we hope to continue to improve in the future!