Birth by Sleep Explained!

Hey everybody! Let’s face it: the Kingdom Hearts series can be confusing sometimes. Well we here at Destiny Islands are starting to compile a series of pages that explain every single questionable detail in the entire Kingdom Hearts series! And right now, we’ve explained everything you might want to know about the game that starts off the whole story, Birth by Sleep!

We’ve already answered most of the big questions, but we’d also like to hear from you! If you have any questions about Birth by Sleep that we didn’t already cover, ask them in the comments below, or send us an email. If your question is good enough, we’ll add it to the page.

We’d also like to hear questions you might have about other games in the series, as we’ll use them to help us create new pages. Please note that these explanations will probably contain spoilers. So don’t visit these pages if you don’t want the story ruined.

Be sure to check back soon for more updates!

Source: KH: Birth by Sleep Explained