About the New Server and Database Migration

So we’ve just migrated our servers into a new setup via Hostgator. The site was down for a little while today, but things have quickly picked back up. I just wanted to clarify a few things as to why the move took place.

We have been using the same hosting account and server for Destiny Islands since originally launching. And it has worked well for us this long. However as we build I’m expecting to see a lot more bandwidth usage over the coming weeks and months. I thought it would be a good idea to get a sole dedicated IP and hosting account for Destiny Islands. This way we have a clean slate to work off and plenty of bandwidth to go around.

Our install process is a lot more convoluted than most. We have a lot of plugins running under WordPress and a LOT of images. The backup and restore process is about 99% complete at this point. All posts have been restored and most pages as well. We are missing a few of the deep internal pages because for some reason WordPress isn’t able to backup pages 3 or 4 branches down. It’s pretty annoying.

But fear not! We will be working to migrate this content over manually as time allows. If possible I would like to find a quicker way, but for now we’ll have to copy/paste from our old server install. But luckily none of the content is lost. And all of the images and page links seem to have survived the backup. If you experience any bugs on pages which used to work we would love if you could let us know so we can correct them. It’s a slow and steady process, but ultimately this move is for the best. Already I’m seeing a great difference in the quality of our database calls. So as we move forward there may be a few issues, but we’ll be keeping you updated.

As of currently Destiny Islands is back online and running smoothly. If you feel strange e-mailing us for whatever reason you may also leave a comment below if you notice any glitches or bugs in the system. Thanks!