358/2 Days Challenge Mode and Mission Mode Pages Launched!

With Jump Festa passing, we once again return to a lull in Kingdom Hearts news, and so, we decided to get back to work in uploading more pages for your browsing pleasure. So we’ve launched the 358/2 Days Challenge Mode and Mission Mode Pages for you to pass the time until more news on KH 3D is released. You can learn everything you need to know about the Challenge Missions offered in 358/2 Days, as well as learn tips to get the upper hand against your enemies and your fellow players in Mission Mode. It’s all there on these two new pages, so head on over the 358/2 Days Drop-Down Menu and take a look!

Also, Destiny Islands will continue to make minor organizational changes in the near future in an effort to make the site better for our users to … use. We’ll be sure to let you know before we move everything around on you. Keep checking back for more updates!