19 Beautiful Photos from Traverse Town 1st District

Traverse Town is possibly one of the most nostalgic worlds to visit. You can run into the many residents of Traverse Town, all ranging between three bustling districts. It’s simple to stock up on potions, accessories, and new magical spells.

Below I’ve taken 19 first-person view shots all around Traverse Town’s 1st District area. Note this was recorded on Kingdom Hearts: Final mix and not actually the original English version Kingdom Hearts. The town area includes a small pub/bar area with some fancy tables. Also the items shop, accessories shop, moogle synthesis lab, Pinocchio’s house, and some other pleasantries. Let us know your thoughts and maybe some of your favorite photos. We’ll be updating with more shots coming soon.

Traverse Town Bar Lamps

Traverse Town Birds-Eye View of Cafe Area

Traverse Town Bar - Tables in the Moonlight

Traverse Town Center with Donald and Moogle

Traverse Town back alleyway looking in

Traverse Town outside Geppetto's House

Above Geppettos Home outside

Inside Traverse Town Items Shop

Outside the Traverse Town Moogle Shop

Back alleyway for smiling sun

Traverse Town Final Mix Moogle Synthesis

Traverse Town side lantern off building

Traverse Town Neon Sign Entrance

Traverse Town Blue lock box

Traverse Town cafe bar maid

Traverse Town Accessories Shop Save Sphere

Traverse Town Geppetto's Work Station

Traverse Town Mailbox and Tidus

Traverse Town 3rd Dist. entrance